21 March - 10 May 2020
Curator: Christoph Dahlhausen

Toi Moroki | CoCA Centre of Contemporary Art 

Artists: André Hemer | Callum Innes | Christine Reifenberger | Christoph Dahlhausen | David Thomas | Frank Piasta | Helen Calder | Judy Darragh | Katharina Grosse | Leigh Martin | Marcia Hafif | Noel Ivanoff | Renee Cosgrave | Simon Morris| Winston Roeth

WestFarbe, curated by Christoph Dahlhausen, draws together artists from five nations including Australia, Germany, UK, USA and New Zealand in an exploration of paint and colour. Where the German language engages the term ‘Farbe’ for both the phenomena of colour and for the material of paint, in contrast, the English language differentiates between colour and paint. In turn, this exhibition explores artistic investigations which bring together approaches where the material and process-oriented aspects of working are emphasised and with others where the tonality and the appearance of painting are foregrounded.