Coney Island


John Aslanidis | Angela Brennan | Sadie Chandler | Renee Cosgrave | David Harley | Matthew Johnson | Wilma Tabacco

Curated by Jane O'Neill

Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne

29 September - 29 October, 2017

Coney Island includes emerging and established artists working with the language of abstract painting.

For each artist, the project of abstraction is an entirely personal one, built upon their own history of looking and making.

Whilst recognising individual approaches, the exhibition also celebrates shared interests; between consistent patterning and loose compositions; between hard-edged painting and softer bruised lines.

Just as we are drawn to the flickering lights and optical illusions fabricated in amusement parks, Coney Island offers the gallery as a designated space for the reception of lights, colours and lines.

Photography: Janelle Low